Below are sessions that have been accepted for DrupalCorn Camp 2015.

A schedule will be available soon.

Title Track Experience Speaker
Standing up for the Content Creators: Site building and theming for the administrators Site building Beginner
3D: Docker, Drupal and DevOps Devops Advanced
A quick trip though Panopoly and Panopoly derivations Site building Intermediate
Agile: A Retrospective Business and strategy Beginner
Content strategy for the working class Business and strategy Beginner
Drupal Console: building boilerplate code for Drupal 8 Coding and development Advanced
Drupal Performance Tuning: A Jumpstart Site building Intermediate
Easily Embed Videos with Video Embed Field Site building Intermediate
Getting more from the field API Site building Intermediate
Git for you and me Coding and development Beginner
Integrated Marketing: Why a Website Isn’t Enough Business and strategy Beginner
Introduction to Content Types Site building Beginner
Introduction to Taxonomy: Tagging on the Open Road Business and strategy Beginner
Introduction to Taxonomy: Tagging on the Open Road Business and strategy Beginner
Media in Drupal 8 Site building Intermediate
No more photoshop mockups! Digital Style Guides Design and theming Beginner
OOP for Object Haters Coding and development Beginner
Sculpin and Drupal Coding and development Intermediate
Sizing up responsive images: Make a plan before you Drupal Design and theming Intermediate
The Challenges of SEO and Drupal Sites Business and strategy Beginner
The Future is Here! Intro to Flexbox Design and theming Beginner
The site builder's guide to project management Business and strategy Beginner
Visual/CSS Regression Testing -- Catching the "unintended consequences" of modifying your theme Design and theming Intermediate
Welcome to Drupal! Site building Beginner
What The Heck Is This Panels Thing? Site building Beginner
Widgetizing WYSIWYG Coding and development Advanced

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