Hands on Drupal training with experts. If you're brand new to Drupal and want to get a head start prior to the camp, or just want to enhance your skills, you may be interested in attending a training session.

All training sessions run from early morning through late afternoon and includes lunch as well as coffee/snacks. You will need to bring a laptop and headphones with you to the training.

You may only attend one training course as they all run concurrently.

Thursday, July 30 — 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Behavior Driven Development with Behat

Presented by Promet Source

Course Description:

This workshop helps developers to get started with the process of behavior driven development (BDD) in PHP using the Behat toolkit with Drupal specific extensions in order to align technical testing with business expectations when using Drupal as a development platform. Technical project managers and QA testers will also find this course helpful by introducing them to the concepts and importance of User Acceptance testing in client site development.  More...

UX Bootcamp: Evaluating and Improving Your Web Sites

Presented by Perfetti Media

Course Description:

How do you really know what your users want? How do you ensure your designs work for users? How can you be confident that your design changes improve your site. To answer these questions, Christine Perfetti has put together a one-day UX Bootcamp, to provide you with the skills to evaluate and improve your designs. This Bootcamp was highly received at DrupalCon Austin 2014 and now Christine is bringing it to attendees at DrupalCorn.  More...

Get Started w/ Drupal The Right Way!

Course Description:

Maybe you know nothing about Drupal, but you've heard that it's really really hard.
Maybe you've played around with it and been blindsided by some of the quirkiness of the user interface and complexity.
Maybe you've gotten kind of far, but you feel like you missed out on the foundations of Drupal and wish you had a better grasp of how Drupal really works. More...

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