Party/After-Hours Social Events

After-Hours Social Activities

After each day's trainings and sessions, we want to give you a chance to unwind with your Drupal tribe.  Join us for one (or all!) of these after-hours events to bond with other web professionals.

  • Thursday:  Group Dinner 6-9pm-ish @ Beck's Sports Grill (2210 College Street)  Map It
  • Friday:  DrupalCorn Party 6-10pm @ Maucker Union Ballroom   Map It
  • Saturday:  Group Dinner 6-9pmish 
    Whiskey Road - downtown Cedar Falls 6 p.m.?

Friday Night Party

A highlight of the conference, the Friday Night Party allows attendees to unwind and practice those social interaction skills we’ve been reading about. The party’s on site (Maucker Union Ballroom) right after the last Friday session.

  • Dinner and beverages:   Enjoy a buffet-style dinner (already included with your registration); an open bar will also be available for soft drinks, beer and wine.
  • Music:  We'll stream music on Spotify and Songza throughout the party - feel free to make requests!
  • Cornhole (at party start):  Get your corn on with a game of Cornhole, a famous DrupalCorn (and Iowa) tradition! Pantheon has provided customized DrupalCorn Cornhole sets, and we’re excited to give them a workout again this year!  We’ll be starting Cornhole early in the evening, so be sure to find a teammate quickly.   Even if your aim is lousy, don’t worry – you can still win a prize by creating the best team name!
  • Drupial Pursuit (midway through the party): New this year is a web-based trivia game to see how much you know about Drupal, geek culture, and the world in general.  Amaze your friends and terrify your enemies with your vast knowledge of All There Is!    Oh, did we mention a prize?   Just bring a wifi capable laptop, smartphone or tablet to play (no app download required). 
  • PowerPoint Karaoke (toward party’s end):  DrupalCorn’s wildly creative (and sometimes just plain insane) participants make PowerPoint Karaoke a spectacle to behold. A cross between a PowerPoint presentation and comedy improv, you’ll deliver a presentation based on a set of images and infographics that you've never seen before.  The person who best managed to tie the slides into a cohesive, engaging and entertaining story wins!
  • Board/Card Games:  Bring along your favorite board and card games! So far, attendees have confirmed Settlers of Catan and 7 Wonders.
  • Oculus Rift Demo:  We'll have an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset demonstrator (DK1) and PC, courtesy of the Cedar Valley Makers Group.  Experience the Helix Roller Coaster, fly around a virtual city like Superman, or one of the other crazy demos.
  • Transportation / Shuttle Service:  DrupalCorn’s got your back….a shuttle bus service will be on-hand to get you back to your hotel after the party.   Let us know if you need any special arrangements, and we’ll be happy to help.

Corny Jokes

Q: What did the corn say when he got complimented? A: Aww, shucks! -dougvann

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