Agile: A Retrospective

Timeslot:  Friday, 10:45-11:45 a.m.

Take it from my experience working with different organizations that have went through a transition, or are currently transitioning, to agile methodology. This is a lessons learned presentation for those looking to implement agile in their organization. From point A to point B, there is a transition involved from traditional business/development models towards the agile approach. I have seen a number of presentations about what Agile is, but what would help many people in this consideration is what pitfalls and various things to consider for an organization or team that might be encountered when implementing agile. 

What is agile and what does it try to achieve?

What are some assumptions of Agile?  What is a sprint?

What are things that we have learned that should have or could have been done better?

Follow with question and answer. 

Business and strategy
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Full session (about 50 minutes)
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