Drupal Performance Tuning: A Jumpstart

Timeslot:  Friday, 2:15 - 3:15 p.m.

Presentation slides and the Block Profiler module mentioned within are posted on Github: https://github.com/ten7/drupal_performance_2015

There are a couple of easy performance wins in Drupal core: aggregating CSS and JS files, and turning on the page cache for anonymous users. Done!

Except that you're not nearly done. The page cache is a good start, but can't help you if the cache is cleared, your user base is authenticated, or if a bot attempts to crawl all 500 pages of results from one of your Views. When the page cache is more miss than hit, you'll want to know that your site can quickly build and serve pages from scratch.

This session will offer insights for beginning site builders and intermediate developers alike, including:

  • Tools for profiling page loads, SQL queries, and page components such as blocks and panel panes
  • An overview of the various levels of caching available within and outside Drupal
  • Tips for determining the appropriate caching strategy for various page components
  • Ways to integrate performance evaluation into your development workflow
  • A look ahead to more advanced tools and techniques, as well as some of the exciting performance enhancements coming in Drupal 8

Attendees should be familiar with common site building tools such as Blocks, Views, and optionally Panels.

Site building
Session length: 
Full session (about 50 minutes)

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