Widgetizing WYSIWYG

Timeslot: Saturday, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Ever want to build accordions, maps, callouts or other custom content for your WYSIWYG? With CKEditor 4 - now you can - easier than ever!

This session will focus on one of the cool new features of CKEditor 4: the widget plugin. Widgets are immutable objects you define to help your editors create rich content yet have the flexibility to move around, edit or style without having to edit the source or apply classes manually. Widgets can have multiple components but are treated as one "entity" which make them a powerful tool for building complex content that is simple for editors to maintain.

We will focus on building and discovering CKEditor plugins that you can use in your Drupal 7 projects today, but the knowledge will be easily transferable to Drupal 8, as CKEditor 4 is the default WYSIWYG.

Coding and development
Session length: 
Full session (about 50 minutes)

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