A quick trip though Panopoly and Panopoly derivations

Timeslot: Saturday, 2:15 - 3:15 p.m.

This will be an introduction to Panopoly and distributions based on Panopoly (notably OpenAtrium). Panopoly is a very rich distribution, giving you a lot of tools out of the box that don't exist in a Drupal Core installation. On the other hand Panopolly (and particularly OpenAtrium) can be very confusing to a new user. We will do a quick trip through the features of Panopoly, concentrating on using them from a site builder perspective. This will not be a session about development for Panopoly, but aimed more toward the site builder or end user.  Topics will include

  • Drupal Distributions - whey they exist and how they are different than Drupal - some ideas on whether this is for you
  • Why use Panopolly?
  • A trip through what Panopoly gives you that Drupal does not
  • Reasons to not use Panopoly
  • Panelizer, panels, Stylizer - Oh My!
  • Some caveats about upgrading in Panopoly (and OpenAtrium) - you're going to have to understand Features.  
  • Other distributions based on Panopoly, and what their strengths are - espeically why OpenAtrium is a special distribution

After the session you should be able to understand what Panopoly is, why you would use it, how to do basic configuration of Panopoly, and a lot of tips about using it in the real world. 

Site building
Session length: 
Full session (about 50 minutes)

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