Standing up for the Content Creators: Site building and theming for the administrators

Timeslot: Saturday, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Let us stand up together for the administrators and content creators. They are the ones who are going to spend more time on the site than anyone else after we are gone. These are the people who will stand up for us, and stand up for Drupal in the future. We must do everything in our power to make them as successful as possible.

When we develop sites in Drupal, we model the content architecture. We develop the site functionality. We weigh the balance between design and performance, mobile versus desktop, user and business goals. But oft-forgotten are those who are going to spend more time on the site than anyone else after we are gone, the site administrators and content creators.

This presentation will encompass the planning and implementation of roles, permissions, and workflows for administrative users. We will cover installing, and uninstalling modules; and organization/simplification techniques that will make the user interface streamlined, and help content creators be as productive as possible.

We will also cover ways to write training instructions that can be included in the admin interface, or kept externally on a company handbook or shared drive.

Jim Birch - @thejimbirch
After working for a decade and a half in various eCommerce CMS', I made the leap to primarily Drupal development when I became the Strategist at Xeno Media, Inc in 2012. I have been learning from the Drupal community and a multitude of clients ever since.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

Attendees should expect to learn:

  • How to include site administrators in your user role discover.
  • How to set and check permissions and test as different admin users.
  • How to organize the Admin UI for the best Admin UX!
  • How to document instructions for common content creators tasks.
  • How to empower those that will use our tool to be as productive as can be.
Site building
Session length: 
Full session (about 50 minutes)

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